Define Your Sound


Let's make your music come to life.


Give your music the quality production that it deserves. Need a pre-production demo, additional song production, or full song production? Contact me and let’s make it happen.


Does your song feel like it’s lacking character, vibe, punch, warmth, and/or a cohesive sound? Mixing will allow me to bring out the best qualities in each instrument, bring them all together in a cohesive manner, and help bring your song to life.


Do you have a great song, but would like it to reach to an alternative audience? Through remixing, I will be able to transform your song into something completely different and help your music garner attention from a different audience.


Here are the people who will be working to make your vision come to life.

John Peters III

Producer & Remixer

Music Production Blog

Mixing & Production Tips to Help You Create Better Sounding Music.